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                                             ONLINE MAGAZINE
                                                Foundation year 2004 
                                    To solve all the problem of world ,
                 creation and construction is compulsory. Correspondence is first
                 condition of creation and construction. DEEP DRISHTI attempt
                 of it. You can send your creation in following subject and form------
      1.Research article, photo essay
         and article
      2. Literature: - story, short story,
          travel account, etc.
      3Cartoon .photograph of paintings,
        colza   etc. visual art
      4Change from here: write about any
       social work, which is good for society,
      5 Translations:-from any language and any 
       form of literature
      6 Special coverage of contemporary events
          issue like bhagat  Singh birthday  100yers of
      Date to send: ANY DAY,ANY TIME
     Editorial address
                       by post   - Deep Drishti, c/o Hargovind Narayan    
 c/o shri Arbind kumar Sinha (J.E.)
TIKIYA TOLI (chain Tola) ,
Mahendru, Patna ,      
                            MOB. NUM.-0-9934687527.   
            Note     1.     give name, email address, phone,photo and  related adress is 
                          2.Editor   has all right to edit and recreate of
.   3.Send material will be property of magazine.
           Secure copy of your material. Selected or
             unselected materials will not retune.
     4.To view detail information see our website
            or contact on phone.
                                                                            Deep  Drisht

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