-        Naushin Shoaib
How do you fight tears?
Tears of sorrow and pain ?
Tears of loss, not gain
Tears which follow no rules
Tears of people who look like fools
How do you fight tears a
And put on an act
When you know it's a fact
That you can't fight tears
So don't stop tears
Let them trickle down-down
Questions and people
compared to you they're feeble
Because a fear praves love
which is far above a
Any sign of chivalry or strength
Or a sword of any length
Tears are all you need
To fight hate, evil and greed.
                 Nasimuddin Khan,
                        B.A.-II, P.C.
There was a gorgon in my night,
was tool terrifying but for slight
Because, it was on unflinching and fervid
She throws glances with mouth wide ope,
But I was crouched by perception without
any hope.
It was her white skin, That proved as a
But when she came in light,
It was the same monster,
OH! I was in great confusion,
It was neither a youngster nor a maiden,
But it was only an egoistic and wither.
Speak or not to speak
-        Alisha Singh
Speak, for you two lips are free,
Speak, Your tongue is still your own;
This straight body is yours still-
Speak, before its breath is gone.
See how is the black smith's forge.
Flames leap high and steel glows red,
Padlocks opening wide their jaws,
Every chain's embrace outspread!
This short hour is time enough,
Now til body and tongue lie dead;
Speak, for truth is living yet-
Speak whatever must be said.

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